Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)


Configuring the Cisco IOS DHCP Server

DHCP Client

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Configuring the Cisco IOS DHCP Relay Agent

Configuring the DHCP Server On-Demand Address Pool Manager

Configuring DHCP Enhancements for Edge-Session Management

DHCPのちょっと深いお話しです。 DHCPのオプション61(Client Id...
DHCP - host pool
DHCP host poolとは、client毎に一意なIPアドレスを割り当てる設定です。clientの識別にはDHCP client-idを用い、デフォルト設定のidはホスト名やMACアドレスから自動生成されます。

IPv6 クライアント IP アドレス ラーニングの設定

DHCPv6 Server Stateless Autoconfiguration

IPv6 Access Services:Stateless DHCPv6

IPv6 Access Services: DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation


DHCP Server

DHCP Client

DHCP Relay

DHCP Host Pools

DHCP On-Demand Pool

DHCP Proxy

DHCP Information Option

DHCP Authorized ARP

DHCP SLAAC/DHCPv6 interaction

Stateful & Stateless DHCPv6

DHCPv6 prefix delegation