OSPF area range cost


  • 集約経路はspecificの中の最小
  • costで手動設定すると以下のように表示される
router ospf 1
 area 1 range
 area 1 range cost 70
R2#sh ip ospf | b Area 1
    Area 1
        Number of interfaces in this area is 4 (4 loopback)
        Area has no authentication
        SPF algorithm last executed 00:11:59.180 ago
        SPF algorithm executed 14 times
        Area ranges are
  Active(10) Advertise
  Active(70 - configured) Advertise
        Number of LSA 2. Checksum Sum 0x0144AD
        Number of opaque link LSA 0. Checksum Sum 0x000000
        Number of DCbitless LSA 0
        Number of indication LSA 0
        Number of DoNotAge LSA 0
        Flood list length 0