Nexus 95xx n+n 冗長モード利用時のPSU 取り付け



PSU を取り付ける時は前半と後半のスロットに均等に取り付ける。

If you are using only one power source for the combined mode or n+1 redundancy mode, you can install the power supplies in any of the power supply slots on the chassis. If you are using two power sources for the n+n redundancy mode, you must connect the power supplies in slots 1 through 4 to one power source and the power supplies in slots 5 through 8 to the other power source. With n+n redundancy mode, divide the power supplies evenly between the first half of the slots and the last half of the slots. The amount of redundant power for the switch equals the amount of available power for the switch.


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